GAVIN MCINTYREMycelium Materials: The Future is Grown


The biotech revolution has begun and mushroom mycelium is at the forefront of this radical shift into a future that is grown. From buildings to consumer goods, and packaging to interiors, Mushroom Materials are shaking down traditional production processes and bringing into question what our consumer goods are made of.


Gavin McIntyre cofounded Ecovative to solve environmental challenges through biology. Gavin oversaw research and development during the company’s first product launches and is listed inventor on over two dozen of the company's issued and pending patents. He now serves as the company's Director of Business Development where he focuses on developing a network of international mycelium-material partnerships from small enterprises to large multinationals and government agencies. Gavin graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where his dual degree in mechanical engineering and social design led to his passion for building homespun bioreactors in which he has cultivated organisms from oysters to orchids.


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