JEAN RONDETThe three challenges of mycoforestry in France: to be a lever for local development, dietary transition and forest adaptation to climate change


The evolution of mycoforestry in France is presented through an overview of projects and their environmental, scientific, technical, political and socio-economic contexts.


After graduating from university in the 80s (plant biology, phytopathology), Jean Rondet began his mycological journey by cultivating oyster mushrooms, at both artisanal and industrial scales.As an agricultural engineer, he later became interested in finding the most favourable forest conditions for the production of king boletes (Boletus edulis). To do so, he carried out field surveys, monitored scientific parameters in a network of forest plots in southern France, and worked on controlled mycorrhization in a laboratory setting.As the developer and facilitator of European cooperation projects (Micosylva, Micosylva+, Myconova), he frequently collaborates with the international partners of these projects and the European Mycological Institute, created in 2016.


Dirce Leimi Komura

Carolina Barroetaveña

Samir Chaid Draa