PIERRE BOUCHARDThe solid fermentation of local residual organic matter by mycetes from the maritime estuary of the St. Lawrence River, an innovative synergy for the production of ligninolytic enzymes


In 2017, following consultations with businesses and research organizations, Biopterre and the Cégep de La Pocatière proposed the establishment of the Fungal Innovation Network (FIN). The FIN program, which started in 2018, aims to develop and integrate mycotechnologies issued from filamentous fungi in industrial products and processes. It is in this context and to respond to the community's desire to further enhance the value of residual materials with a focus on the development of a sustainable circular bioeconomy that the project entitled ‘‘The solid fermentation of local residual organic materials by fungi of the maritime estuary of the St. Lawrence, an innovative synergy to produce ligninolytic enzymes’’ was presented. Concretely, this involves developing a solid biofermentation process using fungal strains isolated from the St. Lawrence River estuary to produce lignocellulosic enzymes from residual materials with a high lignin content. It is also a pretext to revisit the methods of bioprospection, selection, cultivation and scaling of solid biofermentation processes.


Following a collegial degree in agroenvironment, Pierre directly went into applied research by successively getting involved in various organizations then joined the team at Biopterre when it was created in 2007. The production of fungi and their metabolites of interest gradually took more and more space in his professional interests until becoming his main subjects of study. His efforts are centered on the dynamics of ligninolytic enzyme and pigment production. Determined to push the development of mycotechnologies further and to better support companies in their development, he is currently completing a master's degree in applied biotechnology at UQAR with a focus on the solid fermentation of local residual organic matter by fungi from the maritime estuary of the St. Lawrence.


Seri Robinson

Théo Chauvirey

Marie-Ève Lajoie